【About Miss Intercontinental (R)

From the tribal villages of Kenya to war torn Croatia and the canals of the Netherlands, young, ambitious women have dreamed of wearing the crown. People from all over the globe have been fascinated with the idea of beautiful, confident women competing for the title of MISS INTERCONTINENTAL. While the sash and crown have become pop culture mainstays, the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL event has grown to become an ultimate show and icon of female beauty and success. 

The world has changed a lot in those  year and Miss Intercontinental has mirrored those changes. Titleholders have gone on to high-profile careers in government, business, finance, film and fashion. These are women of power and grace, commitment and intelligence, style and substance. 

The internationally-recognized MISS INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant marks 2016 the 45th anniversary, which began in 1971 as concurrent event on the island of Aruba. Starting as Teen Pageant, it became directly an annual event after it attracted strong television ratings following its debut in Oranjestad, Aruba. End of the 70‘s the Pageant moved abroad to many other exotic places. Some past MISS INTERCONTINENTAL Pageant sites include Cartagena; Colombia; Berlin; Germany; Mahe; Seychelles Islands;Minsk; Belarus and Nassau the Bahamas. The Miss Intercontinental has become the UN of glamour and beauty. Well known as as showcase for the world’s most poised, stunning women. So it‘s hard to believe that the pageant started in 1971 as a promotional event for the tourism in Aruba. Thirty-five women, dressed in one-piece red bathing suits, vied for the crown that day in Oranjestad, Aruba. During the two weeks leading up to the big competition, they experienced the most wonderful beaches, the exquisite food and real jet set. 

The number of contestants who vie for the most expensive crown of all pageants every year has skyrocketed to over seventy and year after year, Miss Intercontinental continues to remind us of the glorious beauty of diversity.

【About WBO】

The World Beauty Organization, produces the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL (R), MISTER INTERCONTINENTAL and TOP MODEL OF THE WORLD  Pageants, is a full service and year-round, international company.

Very few "brands" or entertainment properties reach the 45th anniversaries, let alone with strenght, influence and lot of energy. Our Organization is an exeption. We are providing the opportunities, training, career and life experiences, both for women’s and men‘s lives to be personally enriched, with a year-round organization that helps them in all their aspects in their own personal goals.

Our delegates are a combination of intelligence and beauty, fashion oriented and open minded. As perfect role models, they are an unique example for the youth and their goals and views.

Our focus of the three Pageants is to produce excellent shows, "first class" entertainment. Our productions will better represent the women and men who are part of them. We add important and topical segments and symbols of each host country to show it to millions of people around the globe.  

With representatives worldwide our company is staffed by directors and specialists in the fields of beauty and modelling. Therefor we are able to reach every country and state in the world.


穿过世界知名的亚历山大广场和菩提树大街,聆听着众多文化下不同的声音,能感受到德国柏林这座古老文化名城的古典与现代、浪漫与严谨;种类齐全 的热带水果树木和成群的象龟,让“旅游者天堂”——赛舍尔岛又有了更多值得炫耀的资本;稀有的火烈鸟和多民族融合、丰富多彩的文化让巴哈马的旅游产业蒸蒸日上……留在每一届“洲际小姐”脑海中的活动和印象都不一样,但对自身素质的提高和当地旅游文化产业的贡献却都一样重要。

洲际小姐 Miss Intercontinental (R)属于世界选美组织WBO(World Beauty Organization)旗下的三大赛事之一。WBO还拥有洲际先生(Mister Intercontinental)和世界顶尖超级模特大赛(Top Model of the World)的举办权。







2015 年第44届洲际小姐中国大赛总决赛在贵阳国际会展中心隆重举行,60名佳丽加冕之夜同台竞艳。经过激烈的角逐,9号佳丽范桢夺得桂冠,15号罗婉莹、43号苏日曼分获亚军和季军,26号刘宇、1号刘婷分列第四、五名。



2014 年第43届洲际小姐中国大赛直选赛在北京隆重举行,罗舒洁以其优秀的综合素质和舞台表现力赢得了评委和观众的一致认可,摘得桂冠,荣膺“中国小姐”称号。









第40届洲际小姐全球总决赛于当地时间10月7日在西班牙阿利坎特华美落幕。由华夏时代传媒推选出的中国小姐宫睿凭借着靓丽的外表和优雅的气质一举摘得全球总决赛第四名、亚洲地区冠军,这也是历届洲际小姐赛事中中国小姐取得的最好成绩。宫睿回国后,经过公司封闭式的培训, 首次推出自己的单曲MV,同时拍摄电影电视,进军影视歌,登上三栖发展之路。 

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